Current Programs


It’s time for Fair Elections for the Maryland General Assembly and Governorship

A small-donor matching program for State Delegate, State Senate and the Governor will:

  • Encourage civic participation by providing limited matching funds for small donations to candidates.
  • Keep big money out by requiring participating candidates to reject all large contributions and contributions from special interests like corporations.
  • Elevate the voices of everyday people by matching small contributions on a scale with the smallest contributions matched at the highest rate.
  • Make state government accountable to Marylanders alone by giving candidates the opportunity to run for office based on support from their community not wealthy donors and special interests/
  • Expand opportunities to run for office by enabling people with strong ideas to run for office on the strength of their ideas and support from their constituents, not access to wealthy and corporate donors.

We urge our state legislators to introduce, support, and pass legislation for small donor campaign financing of state elections to help build a democracy that is accountable to the people of Maryland, not big money interests.

Don’t we already have public financing for the Governor’s race?

Maryland does have a form of public financing for the Governor’s race which Larry Hogan and Heather Mizeur both used for the 2014 election. We are proposing to strengthen and expand that program.