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Prince George’s County is considering a Fair Elections program to build a more accessible and accountable government.

Fair Elections programs have passed in Montgomery and Howard Counties to amplify the voice of everyday citizens and reduce the influence of large donors by providing matching contributions for small donors if the candidates don’t take large and corporate contribution.

A small-donor matching program in Prince George’s County will:

  • Make county government accountable to all of us by giving candidates the opportunity to reject big donors and special interests money and to instead seek support from everyday residents
  • Amplify the voice of the average contributor through a tiered match system
  • Increase participation in county elections by empowering small donors
  • Break down the barriers to running for office by allowing county residents with strong ideas and a call to public service to run for office, regardless of their personal connections to wealthy donors or corporate contributors

We want to demonstrate a groundswell of public support for the program – Help us reach our goal of 500 petitions to the County Council! Download the petition here to collect signatures from your friends and family.

If you’re a local organization or business, sign on as an endorser! Email your logo to Joanne.

Invite us to present at a community event or host your own house party. Help us get the word out!

Download and share our factsheet!