Montgomery County’s Fair Elections program is off to a great start, leading the way for reform throughout Maryland and the nation.   

On September 30th, 2014 the Montgomery County Council adopted the Public Election Fund, a small-donor matching fund program for candidates for County Council and County Executive. The program allows candidates for County Council or Executive who rely on small-dollar donations to run a competitive race by qualifying for limited matching funds.

Participating candidates agree to turn down contributions greater than $150, and all contributions from special interests. Once they meet qualifying thresholds, these small donations are eligible for matching funds, with the smallest donations receiving the highest match. The program caps the total amount of matching funds a candidate can receive, but does not cap overall expenditures, allowing candidates to continue raising and spending small-dollar donations as needed.

For details on how the program works, please see the policy summary and other resources, below.

Official Public Election Fund Summary Guide from Maryland Board of Elections
Montgomery County Bill Summary
Public Election Fund FAQs Document 
Compliance Seminar 
Full Bill Text 

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